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Dr. Diane Collins

Diane Collins founded and operates the Collins Wellness Center. Her own life experiences led Diane Collins to wholly believe in a holistic (natural) approach to healing and lifestyle changes. Although she is a drugless practitioner, she understands that sometimes we also need traditional medicine.

Health and wellness have always been important to Diane. Upon receiving a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition, she went on to get her Doctor of Naturopathy at Trinity College of Natural Health and from there earned her Board Certification. She became an official holistic counselor and began working with clients.

Eating healthy was a major part of Diane’s life, but a trip to Alabama prior to her training changed her life forever. Her Alabama trip occurred at a point in her life when her meat diet was chicken and fish, but during this trip she met an herbalist who gave her herbs to cleanse her colon and body’s organs. The herbalist encouraged Diane to go on a 75% raw diet and 25% cooked foods for 2 weeks as a test for better health. She had never felt so good! Her skin looked better and she overall felt amazing.

It was this trial where Diane noticed the critical difference between eating whole food nutrients and some of the refined processed foods she ate prior to the cleanse. Diane began experimenting in the kitchen, creating healthy, vegetables-based dishes and sharing her creations with her clients. They loved them! While she did not set out to become a vegetarian and she does not push this lifestyle on others, she had learned to encourage and stress healthy eating and a healthy understanding of what we put into our bodies.

This experience and increased awareness created a hunger in Diane for natural remedies and healthy cooking. She sought out a whole food culinary school in New York, The Natural Gourmet Institute for Culinary Arts. She began teaching healthy eating cooking classes and reached out to churches, government agencies and community groups. She also offered individual classes. It is her desire to reach as many people as possible through training. By teaching others how to cook healthy food, she can help them reduce their risk of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other health issues. She can teach them to take their health and lives back!

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Email: drcollins@collinswellnesscenter.com

Website: www.collinswellnesscenter.org/

Linked-In: www.linkedin.com/in/dr-diane-collins-a6359140

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